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Sarpy County Long Term Recovery Group

Sarpy County in Nebraska experienced the second highest volume of housing damage in the state from spring 2019 floods, resulting in approximately 650 approved FEMA individual assistance applications. Because many of the damaged housing units were model or trailer homes that weren’t secured to a foundation, most of the damage resulted in total property loss.

As a result, these families, many of which are low income, are forced to pay off the old lease/mortgage on the property they lost, purchase all new household items, possibly pay for a new car, and find an affordable housing unit to buy or rent. This reality places a major and overwhelming financial burden on impacted families.

The Sarpy County Long Term Recovery Group is dedicated to working with flood-impacted families to navigate the flood recovery process, locate affordable housing, provide financial coaching and mental health support, and provide other supportive services.

To support their work, the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund awarded the Sarpy County Long Term Recovery Group a $75,000 grant to cover the cost of hiring a case manager and to assist in working case load over the next year and beyond. As a result, hundreds of flood impacted families will be able to return a sense of normalcy to their everyday lives. “The ability to hire an additional case manager allows Sarpy County Long Term Disaster Recovery to address the needs of families affected by the 2019 Heartland Floods, said Jeff Weaver, Executive Director, Sarpy Disaster Recovery. “Without Rebuild the Heartland’s generous grant, many families would not be served in a timely and efficient manner on their journey to a new normal.”