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County of Pierce Economic Development

In the Spring of 2019, flood waters from the north fork of the Elkhorn River, heavy rainfall followed by runoff from frozen land, and rising ground water caused major damages to hundreds of homes in Pierce County, Nebraska. Nearly 200 families were approved for FEMA individual assistance. Many of the homes require flood mitigation activities which are estimated to cost $25,000 per home. Homeowners are required to pay 25 percent of that cost, which puts a significant financial burden on impacted families.

Thankfully, organizations like County of Pierce Economic Development, an organization that works to grow the county’s economic and outstanding quality of life by providing leadership and resources for business creation, expansion, retention, new business recruitment and community development, are stepping up to help reduce the financial burden on homeowners.

To assist County of Pierce Economic Development with their rebuilding efforts, the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund recently awarded the organization a $50,000 grant. The funds will be used to assist eligible homeowner with activities relate to:

 • New construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or acquisition and rehabilitation of units for homebuyers or homeowners, sites not located within a flood plain.

• Demolition of housing units damaged by the flood and required by FEMA flood mitigation activities.

• Acquisition of housing by homeowners or tenants as replacement housing units due to FEMA required flood mitigation activities.

• Homeowner assistance programs developed to assist with FEMA required flood mitigation activities. Estimated cost is $25,000 per home.

“The Pierce County Economic Development Board and I would like to thank Rebuild the Heartland and all of its donors for awarding this grant to our organization,” said Susan Norris, Director, Pierce County Economic Development.  “These funds will allow us to begin providing much needed assistance to flood impacted homeowners in Pierce County.”

 “The Rebuild the Heartland grant award of $50,000 was very important to enable the Pierce County Disaster Housing Recovery Fund efforts to leverage $500,000 of Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Funds to provide assistance to flood impacted homeowners,” said Lowell Schroeder, Community Planner, Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District.