Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund

When Floodwaters Rise, So Do Neighbors

Generous relief efforts have addressed the immediate needs of temporary shelter and necessities for the people affected by historic flooding in the heartland. Now, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the rebuild. Start by donating to the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund.


The Work Ahead of Us

Floodwaters have destroyed homes and businesses, but they can’t wash away our resolve. Here is the damage we need to address.

$439 Million

in infrastructure damage

2,039 Homes

damaged or lost

340 Businesses 

damaged or destroyed

$400 Million

in livestock losses

$440 Million

in crop losses

*Statistics provided from this article by the Omaha World-Herald on March 21, 2019.

$825,000 Donated

About the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund

100% of your donations go to nonprofits that work directly with the communities impacted by the floods. This fund will support nonprofits working to address:

  • Implementing community development solutions such as housing, neighborhood revitalization or small business assistance
  • Addressing and improving health and human services needs
  • Cleaning up and protecting natural and environmental resources
  • Strengthening infrastructure critical to a healthy community
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Where your donation goes

We’re currently raising funds for the rebuilding effort. The Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund will support nonprofit organizations’ and local government authorities’ recovery and rebuilding efforts across affected areas. Qualification for funding has been outlined for maximum fairness and in accordance to the rules of the fund.

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Community Partners

Thank you to these businesses for their generous support.